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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Fart Dom is a site all about the beauty of the female toot. Granted, some of the ass gas passed by these women is hardly tame. A toot would be a tiny whisper of a fart, with just a hint of sound. These chicks make with the all-out bum blasters that make you wrinkle your nose and you're sure you are actually smelling it through your computer screen.

I would be embarrassed if I farted in front of someone. I'm sure it's happened before, but my brain has chosen to banish the moment from my memory. These ladies have much more moxie than I and love to fart away and have their man sniff it, lick it and just all-around appreciate their particular inner-ass aroma.

The full name for this site is Fart Domination and while many of the scenes employ the standard Mistress/slave dynamic, I saw many where the girl is just intent on passing wind and wants her dude around to lick her butthole and playfully spank her butt. It's funny to watch the different reactions from the guys. Some moan while kind of laughing and egg the girls on, while others get more into it as the funky smells start to fill the room.

There's a whopping 804 arse-blowing scenes here and that's way more than I expected, so I was a happy camper. (Or happy cramper since I hate to let the wind loose in public!) To further "blow away" my preconceived notions about the material, I loved the fact that all the flicks were available in high-def MP4s. There are also four photo sets.

To be clear, both the streaming and downloadable versions are in HD and that's important because you can either pay for a streaming-only membership or cough up a bit more cash to get a subscription that allows you to stream and download. If you go with the streaming-only option and end up wanting to purchase a movie, you can buy tokens. You also have a third option of joining for about a buck and just purchasing tokens, like a video-on-demand site.

It's easy to get around with the sections and you can sort in different ways (newest, longest, most popular, etc). You can also leave comments and ratings and add to a favorites section, which makes interacting with others and organizing things a breeze. Content tags help you find something specific and you can browse a model index and surf via categories like dick farting, toilet farting and face farting. There are categories for ethnicity and hair color too.

My main complaint is the update schedule. It seems that they were really on a roll up until the end of September 2013, but there hasn't been anything new since. This of course doesn't mean the site has run out of gas (get it?), but the lack of new material does stink. (Oh, I'm on a roll!)

Farting sites seem to be gaining in popularity and I, for one, love it because I find flatulence endlessly entertaining. Fart Dom is also doing it right with a large collection and high quality. I just hope they get back to updating soon.

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