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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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There are plenty of sites out there that are exact replicas of other sites and that is something we try to tell you about in our reviews. CFNM Spot and CFNM Show are two such sites.

You won't see CFNMShow when you sign into CFNMSpot, but that doesn't mean you just have to take my word for it that they're the same site. You will have a hard time not noticing that the "spot" movies are all watermarked with the "show" sitename. Except for the last one added, which is marked with the "spot" sitename, but that looks to be just some weird anomaly.

Site design is pretty good. When you first sign in you will see multiple sites listed on the page, but finding the one you are here for isn't hard. At the top of the page are the movies currently being watched and below are the thumbnails representing all 19 scenes.

I have to say the movies are quite fun. They cover everything from the lady-on-the-street interviews to girls seeing how long a guy takes to get hard and then fucking the winner. The last movie I watched had three dudes showing off their pick-up skills for a chance to win sex and a BJ (yes, some of the scenes feel a little more staged than others).

The movies can be both streamed and downloaded and you will get an HD option for both (as well as lower-quality choices). There is a picture section that comes with each scene, but they are just screen caps (they can be downloaded in Zip files should that interest you).

Each scene comes with a little write-up as well as the ability to rate the scene (give it a thumbs up) and save it to your favorites. You can also see how many "likes" and views is has received and they are all dated.

Those dates are important, because they tell me that after going a couple years without an update, they just added a new scene a little over a week ago. I have no idea if this is a sign that they are going to start growing again, but at this point it is better than nothing, right?

If CFNM Spot does start growing again then there will be some definite value here. But as it is, it and CFNM Show are just too small to get a recommendation.

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