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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Joe Pusher is a director who has made a career out of filming horny amateurs and introducing them to the world of porn. You can discover some of the lovely young ladies he's worked with by visiting the website that carries his name.

There are different ways of enjoying what the JoePusher site has to offer. If you opt for a VOD membership, you can check out what's available and only pay for what you watch. Going with a "premium membership" allows you stream all the vids as many times as you want once you've paid the monthly fee.

The 277 movies can be downloaded as well, but be aware that regardless of which type of membership you ultimately go with, you'll still have to pay extra to save them. The way that downloading works here is that you purchase credits and then exchange them for the right to save the films. You can grab MP4s that offer good-quality playback and there are also MP4s that work well with mobile devices.

While it's unfortunate that you have to pay to download the flicks, viewing them online really isn't that bad. The streams look pretty good and they load quickly. Another nice thing about them is that they allow you to jump back or forward at your leisure. My favorite thing about them, however, is that they all feature genuine amateurs who have never done porn before.

The videos tend to start with the girls introducing themselves and letting us get to know them a little better. Soon after, we find the cuties disrobing and getting to work sucking Joe's cock. Some of these babes give incredible blowjobs, so although they're new to the industry, they've definitely had cocks in their mouths before. The chicks generally end their scenes by taking a few shots of cum to the face. There's usually only one chick in a scene, but I did come across a few that had more than one hottie proving that she's got what it takes to make it in the business.

The website continues to update each week. There aren't any photos to go along with the vids, but there are some extras. For starters, it would appear that you can check out some live cam shows from time to time. You can also watch 29 archived shows, but they can't be downloaded and the newest one dates from August 2012.

Joe Pusher is a really good site that would be very easy to recommend if it didn't force you to pay extra in order to save its movies. If you love amateur performers and can live with the download issues, you should give the website a look.


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