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Updated on: 07/09/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1380
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  • About 40 videos and sets of photos have been added, with ongoing weekly updates.

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If you're a VIP, then you generally get the best treatment, right? Bottle service at clubs, preferred parking spots, reservations at the most popular bistro and front-row seating is probably something you're used to. If you're a VIPissy, however, the perks are slightly different.

Being a VIPissy may not get you courtside seats to a basketball game or the best suite in the hotel, but it will grant you the opportunity to watch 114 videos of sexy women pissing and getting pissed on. I'm not sure what these honeys have consumed to make them pee so much, but you'll be glad that they have such strong (and full) bladders.

You're able to stream the flicks in a large embedded player as well as download them. Apart from several MP4 options, the largest of which is in Full HD, you can also grab a Windows Media file. There are a few instances of babes relieving themselves on their own, but you'll also see lesbian scenes, threesomes and straight hookups that mix in sex (including anal) with the watersports.

Hally is a cutie who keeps it interesting by first peeing in the tub and then in the sink. She also uses a suction device to suck up her urine so she can gargle it and dribble it all over her big dildo. Queenie is another hottie you don't want to miss. She fills a condom with piss, sticks it in her cooch and then breaks it so all the hot yellow liquid streams out in a rush.

The movies are all found in the "updates" section and there are 100 photo sets in the area marked "galleries." Where I got slightly confused was that all the movies had a little camera icon next to them. It appears that only the images in the galleries section are high-res. The rest are just vid caps. They're large and pretty clear, though, and Zip files are available.

The design is slick and navigation isn't a chore. You can "favorize" scenes and rate them and you can post comments in the model index. The performers' names are all linked and there are content tags to make finding something specific (degustation, wet pump, blowjob, etc.) pretty simple.

Video updates are once a week and you'll get photos just as frequently. There's no bonus content, but there's a request page if you want to drop a suggestion to the producers. Check out the "deals" area for discounts on other pee pay sites.

With remarkable quality, a solid update schedule and hot, exclusive watersports, VIPissy has a lot going for it. You'll feel like a pretty important person when you see just how much these babes like to turn you on with their piss play.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 50% Date: 01/06/2016

    The content of the site you can't fault. Good quality vids & pics in multiple formats, well made with no over acting, & some are even strangely arousing. But there's just not enough content to warrant the high price & not enough updates. Even with a slow connection you can download everything you want in a couple of weeks. The site would be great if they joined with some other sites, (i.e Puffy Network) had more updates & had some more boy girl content. We all love lesbian scenes but it can get stale after you see a few. Do that & you'd have a winning site here. The lower score is more due to the lack of content than anything else.

  • Comment by: P.Labine

    Score: 95% Date: 12/28/2015

    + The best thing about VIPissy might just be how often the girls seem to genuinely be into the pissing. It feels authentic and passionate.
    + A relatively high level of variety in the scenes and piss play that surprised and excited.
    + They seem to really listen to what the members have to say (you can request and send in ideas for a video), and contact with support worked well.

    - There number of videos is relatively low, in the 100s.
    - Every now and then, an update is boy/girl. If you're there for the lesbian action, it means a week without a relevant update.

    In closing, I recommend joining if you're into passionate lesbian watersports. These kinds of sites aren't all that plentiful and VIPissy really doesn't disappoint. You could always cancel and come back again after a while, as I plan.

  • Comment by: Watcher

    Score: 99% Date: 08/09/2014

    An excellent site with videos of outstanding quality. Contains both girl-girl and boy-girl scenes. If you only prefer to see lesbian scenes, others can be easily filtered out. At the moment there are around 60 videos, some of which have alternative close-up and wide-angle cuts available.