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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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South Korean musician Psy introduced the world to "Gangnam Style" back in 2012 and now I'd like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to Dirty Wife Style. It isn't a catchy song, but rather a kinky website on which you can see a sexy woman getting herself off with the help of dildos and fucking machines.

Unlike the star of this site, DirtyWifeStyle doesn't look all that good. Its design is pretty basic and not all that appealing. Thankfully, though, it's easy to navigate, as it's got separate video and photo sections. All the vids are featured together on the same page and the same is true for the pics, so you do have some scrolling to do.

There are 63 videos (some are broken up into parts) and each one is represented by a thumbnail that gives you an idea of what it's about. We're also provided with brief write-ups that give us a little more info.

Her husband occasionally joins in as she pleasures herself, having his sweetie suck his dick or take his cock deep inside her slit. I should note that there's often a cuckold element, as the husband is constantly reminded that his dick can't compare to the huge dildos that his wife enjoys so much.

They all can all be downloaded in a Windows Media format. It would be nice if you had some other formats to choose from, but you can't complain too much, because you often get good-quality playback and many of them are even presented in HD.

The picture section of the site is a little disappointing. The reason for this is that the vast majority of the pic sets contain vids caps instead of actual photographs. It looks like there's only one actual photo gallery at this point. It's comprised of crisp, high-res images.

It's tough to predict when the website will update next, as it doesn't have a set update schedule. That said, it has posted three new movies in quick succession over the last little while, so let's hope that's a sign of things to come. I truly hope that it is, because there aren't any extras to keep busy with.

Though there's room for improvement, Dirty Wife Style is a decent amateur site. If you'd like to see a sexy woman get fucked with huge rubber cocks, you should consider joining.

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  • Comment by: will J

    Score: 92% Date: 01/04/2014

    I was delighted when I stumbled upon this site. I love the amateur film settings with the basement play stuff in the background. This couple seems sincere, and i love that I can see the husband filming jerking off in the background reflection in several scenes. I have been searching for this genre for a long time, and I'm glad to see them here. I hope, as rabbit writes, that they will continue to keep up regular posts. A particular turn on to me is the fact that hubby is telling wife what to do, and she responds by telling her how much of a turn on it is to her to be doing (and saying) really dirty things to her husband about other guys that she's fantasizing about fucking. The only improvement I could suggest is to have more black cock dildos, and scenes where the wife is sucking off a dildo while fucking her hubby and talking really dirty to him about what she really wants to do in real life if she could. Rabbit underrated this. I wish there were other sites like this. This really turns me on.