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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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As I sat down to review Czech Dungeon, I wondered if the site would be anything like Eli Roth's film "Hostel." As it turns out, it actually kind of is. The people on it don't pay money to fuck others up, but they do spend cash to fuck babes in a filthy cellar that's anything but glamorous.

You're taken inside what's said to be the "world's first brothel for the poor." Hidden cameras capture everything as one after another, guys file into a cellar and slip a pimp 200 Czech Korunas (which is equivalent to just under 10 American dollars) so that they can fuck his girls. Each chick has her own stall and inside there isn't much other than a dirty mattress, bottles of booze and a few personal belongings. The only things separating the stalls are sheets that hang from above.

Lots of guys show up at this affordable brothel and there are often too few girls to go around. When this happens, the women will sometimes take on more than one guy at a time. Their aforementioned pimp does do a pretty good job of keeping things moving along, though, as he isn't shy about letting guys know when their time is up.

Unfortunately, there are only six videos at the moment. It looks like there are more than that at first glance, but that's only because these lengthy flicks have been divided into parts. You can save them as average-quality MP4s and also as HD Windows Media files. Streaming is also an option.

The movies are raw and raunchy, but they feel a bit repetitive. They're all shot in the exact same location and in the exact same way. There are stationary cameras that hang from the ceiling and give you an overhead view of all the banging. The scenes aren't lit as well as they could be, though that's actually kind of a good thing, as it makes it easier to believe that what you're watching is truly footage captured at some sketchy location in the Czech Republic.

There aren't any photos, but there are 19 Czech AV bonus sites that you can check out, including Czech Casting, Czech Parties, Czech Sharking and Czech Streets. They add all of the movies in parts, so it can take a while to get a whole flick, but they actually haven't added anything at all in over a month.

Czech Dungeon shows promise, but it doesn't yet give us enough to make a membership worthwhile. Give the website time to grow and come see what we have to say about it a few months from now.

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