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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I hate to be crude, rude or abrupt, but dude, Lauren Wood is giving me wood. I simply couldn't resist admitting this fact given the obvious and slightly lame wordplay with her name, but nevertheless, she does float my boat and once you see her then you'll know why. Between her sultry gaze and knockout body, she's a real beauty.

Granted I am a sucker for sexy tease sites and that's what LaurenWood is bringing you. In fact, she's part of a network of British glamour models, so your membership here will allow you to check out five other girls' sites, like Ashley Emma and Lucy V. All of these hotties from various parts of the U.K. really know how to drive you crazy without revealing all as Ms. Wood demonstrates in her content.

Speaking of her material, she's added nine videos in the last 30 days, so that's a decent update schedule, not even taking into consideration how often she's adding new photos. You will already find 73 high-def videos. They're split pretty well evenly between those shot in front of the lens and other ones showing what goes on behind the scenes.

I find it a tad humorous that Lauren mentions that she has rather a large appetite and that specifically she likes chips, pizza and a popular cola drink, because she's got a firm, nubile body. I guess that's the wonder of youth - garbage in and physical perfection out. At any rate, she shows of her butt and boobs, but she always keeps her pussy covered. Oh well, that's what your imagination is for!

You can check out 75 photo galleries and about half have high-res images, because they're professionally shot spreads. The others aren't as impressive, because they're selfies and mobile uploads of candid moments captured with her pals. I like this mix, because glamour shots are all well and good, but you also want to see what a chick would look like if she woke up beside you one morning.

She mentions chatting with her on her webcam, but that seems to involve additional money for any kind private interaction. It's hardly a deal breaker for me, because I already explained that you're getting bonus sites and the decent-sized collection is updating pretty regularly. So all in all, Lauren Wood is worth your time and money, if you like being teased.


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