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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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So how often do you get to see a big booty right up in your face? I'm betting nowhere near as often as you'd like, since starring at a chick's ass for too long would likely get you in trouble. Thankfully, there exists a site that does all the staring for you so that you can watch as many Big Booty Candids as you'd like in the privacy of your home.

That's because BigBootyCandids is a voyeur site that makes use of hidden cameras. Someone walks around town and, after spotting someone with a deliciously big butt, follows her for a while as the camera is locked on the bum in question. As you can imagine, this means all the content is non-nude, but that doesn't mean you won't get a lot of variety.

There are chicks in skirts, short dresses, yoga pants and jeans. In rare cases, the jeans are low riders. Too-low riders, actually, because you get to see both thong and the uppermost part of the butt cheeks. (In hindsight, it's more like the other jeans are not-low-enough riders.)

The site also divides its movies into three sections – big booty, curves and mega booty – so besides clothing differences, the butts are also nice and varied. The ages and body sizes are all over the place, so most of the mega booties are BBWs, while some of them are skinny chicks with waist-to-cheek ratios that suggest God is looking out for us ass aficionados.

The three sections combine to get you 679 movies, but I should point out that they're all very short. Even the longer ones tend to be under two minutes. The quality is also all over the place, but in an impressive way, becuase the lowest is great in quality, the best are downright amazing and most provide excellent-quality playback. You can download them as Windows Media files, but note that since this is hidden camera footage in broad daylight, the lighting quality differs from scene to scene.

The photo section is divided into the same categories as the movies, but I was disappointed to see that instead of getting you actual pics, you'll only find screen caps. You will find real photos in some of the bonus gallery sections dedicated to amateur models, though. You also get two other screen cap sections as extras, as well as bonus videos.

Updates are usually 14 days apart, but sometimes they skip a day and force you to wait a full 28 days. This isn't as horrible as it sounds, though, because every update brings you exactly six new videos. All in all, if you like big butts shown off in clothing, then you can't go wrong with Big Booty Candids.

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