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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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I really wish I knew more about Princess Melena. She has an amazing accent, but I have no idea where she's from. She also has sweet, perky tits and a very fine booty that looks amazing in ass-less panties. Most of her videos are shot POV-style and you get right up close to her feet and that luscious rear of hers as she instructs you to worship, lick and clean it.

I can't really stress just how sexy this babe is. She laughs at you, urges you on, tells you to lick your cum off yourself and more. Seeing her rump right up in my face was a very arousing experience. She jiggled that booty and it really felt like I was the one sticking my tongue in that sweet, moist crevice and licking up her juices.

Each movie is presented with a bit of description and a preview image that cycles through a few screenshots. This may be hunky-dory for some people, but it's pretty dizzying. Oh, and these are the only images you actually get since there aren't any pictures. Her collection consists of 21 movies that you can save in high-def Windows Media files. I would have appreciated a portable format or a streaming player, but they aren't offered.

Also absent is a search engine or favorites section. This might not be a big deal right now, but it definitely will slow you down as her collection grows. Then again, I can't tell when or if she's adding new material because nothing is dated. Finding the main offerings isn't hard now, though, as you can sort by what's just been added or by categories, like spitting, barefoot and jerk-off instruction.

Apart from her tremendous tush and feet, the videos also have you close to her pussy (licking it clean after she's pissed) and her sweaty armpits. She also spits on her incredibly sexy black boots and makes you bathe them with your tongue. She allows you to masturbate along with her and she usually either makes fun of your pitiful load or makes you clean yourself up - all in that soft-spoken accented voice of hers. You must also go through a cock-sucking training course.

Princess Melena is a tasty piece of eye candy and I like how her videos really capture POV porn quite well. She really gets into it and it adds to the fantasy. The asking price is reasonable, too. I would like to see more material, though.

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