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Updated on: 03/21/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Since we last visited SlippedThongs...

  • They still aren't dating the content, but with 33 more videos in the last 16 months, they're growing at a rate that appears to be two per month.
  • The new design does look better, but they kept the cycling-through-images thumbnails, which is unpleasant.

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Thongs are a sexy and pretty powerful weapon in a woman's wardrobe. After all, one glimpse of that scrap of fabric over the waistline of a pair of pants can reduce some men to horny, drooling, sex-crazy maniacs! If you're noticing that your saliva production has increased since the first word of this review, I think it's safe to say that you're a fan of whale tailin'. The smoking-hot chicks on Slipped Thongs don't mind you looking, so ogle away, my friends!

The site's navigation is pretty simple. The most recent updates are right on the homepage and you can easily get to both the video and the photo sections from the tabs near the top of the page. There is also a "girls" section, which is a model index. There are no keyword tags or a search engine to help you narrow things down, but you can rate and sort the scenes.

Heading into the video section you'll find that each of the 105 videos is introduced with one big preview image that's constantly cycling through a few screenshots. I really dislike this design feature and it actually makes you a little dizzy as you scroll up and down the page. They've redesigned the site since our last visit, but for some reason decided to leave that in. All the flicks come with an HD Windows Media download and the 105 photo sets contain high-res images.

It's all about the butt cleavage here as babes bend over and show off the tops of their thongs. At most you'll see half a butt cheek or deep cleavage. The lingerie varies from plain black thongs to lacy and frilly numbers to patterned and colored ones to slinky G-strings. The gals wear jeans, shorts, yoga pants and skintight shiny slacks over their undies, but they're always quite low-slung.

The movies don't involve any talking or plot and ambient music is played over them. They begin with the girl sitting or standing and giving you a good view of her backside. Many will sit on chairs or benches with their backs to the camera to give you a real eyeful. Their asses look very tasty squished into their tight pants and the thong just peeks out at first, giving you but a taste of what lies underneath. Many of the performers know how to tease and are great at being coy.

You won't find any dates on the material, but based on how much more there is since our last visit, the numbers suggest two updates per month. You also won't get any extras. Still, with exclusive, high-quality content and a user-friendly site, panty fans might want to check out Slipped Thongs.

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