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Updated on: 03/04/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1179
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Since we last visited FacesittingGirls...

  • The new design looks better and the improved navigation is very welcome.
  • There are about 20 more videos, but the amount of growth suggests pretty slow updating.

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The submissive men on Facesitting Girls love having their breathing hampered by a gorgeous Mistress as she sits on their face. I actually have a big fear of not being able to breathe, but the content here did leave me breathless at times - and I didn't completely mind. If only they had a porn site with spiders, perhaps I could overcome that phobia as well.

Since our last visit, FacesittingGirls has made an effort to improve the design and navigation issues we noticed the last time and they did a decent job of it. The site looks a little cleaner and they added pagination options, which makes browsing much more pleasant. There's still no favorites section, though, and they kept the constantly rotating thumbnail images, which some of us still find distracting.

Actually, there aren't any features here that will help you seek out something specific. You want blondes or brunettes in panties or heels? Sorry, you'll have to rely on the preview images to find them. And there's no search engine or content tags to aid in this task. You can, however, sort the collection and rate the scenes on a 5-star scale.

The good news is the amounts, with 410 movies and 528 photo sets. Sticking with the positives, the newer flicks are downloadable in HD Windows Media files (there's no streaming option). Older posts offer WMVs as well, but the quality can be pretty low. The sets contain high-res images, but you don't get any Zip files.

In each scene, the smothering action starts right away with a man on the floor and a Domme speaking to him in a foreign language - there aren't any English subtitles. The girls are really hot and many wear sexy outfits or just lingerie, so you get to see their nice figures. There's also a terrific mix of body shapes, boob sizes, hair colors and ages, with more fresh-faced chicks and very tasty MILFs. There's an alphabetical performer index too.

They don't give any posting dates, but the site has only grown by 22 videos in about 17 months, which isn't impressive. The collection is big enough, though, and the quality of the site and content has improved, making Facesitting Girls worth considering. Although, more frequent updates sure wouldn't hurt.

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  • Comment by: dibble

    Score: 90% Date: 06/04/2014

    PROS: The quality of this site is superb. All the models are very attractive, as good as any other site site I've seen, but at the same time it doesn't feel too manufactured. The pictures are particularly good. They are crystal clear hi-res pics. You get POVS as well facesitting from and a nice range of angles including low ones.

    The website structure has also completely changed since this review and it is better than it was.

    CONS: The site are doesn't update very often, only a couple of times a month. It's also very narrowly focused on one fetish. They don't get any bonuses despite the site having a lot of different sister sites, each very narrowly focused on a different fetish and the pictures sometimes match up, but they make you pay to join each one even though none of them update very often.