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Updated on: 09/03/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1120
Average Score: 64

Since we last visited FakeAgentUK...

  • The appearance has improved thanks to a new design.
  • Members now get full access to additional sites.
  • More than 60 videos have been added and a new flick gets posted once a week these days.
  • Members now have the ability to post comment on the scenes.
  • QuickTime downloads were offered at one point, but they're no longer available.

Full Review

The British guy behind Fake Agent UK has a great scam going. He poses as a phony casting agent for porn and tricks girls who want to break into the adult industry into fucking him. He records his intimate encounters with his would-be clients and posts them online, so in a way he is helping the ladies get what they want.

FakeAgentUK has improved its design, but there are issues with navigation that remain. Unless you want to go to the first or last page, you're stuck moving ahead or back by a few pages at a time. It isn't too big a problem just yet, but things will get worse as the site continues to grow. There are 173 movies right now, but not a single set of pictures.

The scenes typically start with a girl coming into the fake casting agent's office. She sits down, answers questions, disrobes and plays with herself before blowing the agent and letting him fuck her. We get good hardcore action out of these encounters and I particularly enjoyed a scene in which the agent took on two cuties at once. I also really liked seeing the two gals fool around before their fun turned into a threesome.

You can stream the videos in an embedded player and download them in different formats. They're all presented in HD, so quality is something you never need to worry about. You can save your favorite scenes to their own section so that they're easier to find later, as well as "like" or "dislike" the flicks and post comments.

The website updates once a week these days, so it's still growing. New content doesn't get posted quite as often as it used to, but the site makes up for this by giving you better extras than it did in the past. For example, current members are welcome to explore the entire Fake Hub network, including the sites Fake Hospital and Fake Taxi, among others.

Fake Agent UK is a pretty good website and you shouldn't hesitate to check it out. While it isn't perfect, what it has going for it overshadow its flaws (like that download limit). It's a good addition to the casting-couch porn niche.


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  • Comment by: Ulf.Gustafson

    Score: 40% Date: 04/09/2015

    +Good videos
    -No pictures
    -Slow download time.
    -Download limit
    -The download can stop/cut halfway and you have to download the file again.
    (And that happends alot of times)