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Updated on: 01/10/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1465
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  • They've added more content and the Amount score has increased by a couple points.
  • Updates are a bit slower, with some months only seeing two rather than three new videos.

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I once had a Dirty Coach in school. For a man doing so much running around, he really needed to take a shower more often. The chicks on this site also have dirty coaches, only theirs are dirty in a different sense of the word. Also, the babes tend to be just as dirty as their trainers, if you know what I mean.

In case you don't, I'm referring to sex of the hardcore variety. Some trainers suggest that you let all that pent-up horniness drive you so as to get that extra pump during your workouts or competitions. Others recommend that you fuck beforehand so as to rev up your testosterone levels and de-stress. I'm betting the trainers here subscribe to the second suggestion, because they won't stop fucking the teens they're supposed to be training.

To be fair, some of the scenes show these hot 18 and 19-year-olds doing the seducing instead of being seduced. Some are looking for the perfect way to stay in shape or to improve their flexibility, while a few of the scenes made me wonder if the blowjobs and sex was the workout (sex is a great form of cardio after all).

When you first sign in, you're taken to a page that lists the most recent updates to the Teen Mega World network as a whole. To view the content from just this site, click on the "sites" tab and select it from the list.

But here's where things get confusing. Every video comes with a photo set, but sometimes the sets are also listed as being an additional, unrelated update that was added on a different date. This makes it look like you're getting more content than you actually are and also makes it look like there are duplicate scenes. In reality, you're getting 42 videos and 42 photo galleries.

You get several formats and sizes to choose from, including one meant for your mobile device. The largest Windows Media file is your best bet, because it always treat you to Full HD playback. As for the pics, they're all gorgeous high-res shots that can be saved in Zip folders.

Currently, updates appear to be 13 days apart. While waiting for more porn, you can check out the rest of the network, which comes with 38 other sites in an assortment of niches, all starring teens, like on Teen Sex Mania and Fuck Studies.

If you like watching European teens getting it on in reality situations, then you'll like the content here a lot. Dirty Coach is a good site and will be even more appealing as it continues to grow.

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