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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Her name sounds like a character from a soap opera, but Summer St Claire is an individual model with her very own site. She's a gorgeous blonde with a sweet rack, a slender waist and a cute butt, not to mention a truly gorgeous face. She could be a fashion model, but I'm quite happy that she's here showing off her tits.

Now don't get the wrong idea about SummerStCLaire, because although you will see her naked breasts, she keeps things rather tasteful on her site. She models lots of sexy outfits, like itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis (no, they aren't polka dotted) and all kinds of lingerie. She also dons PVC pants in one case and sports a black bodysuit while straddling a motorcycle.

Updates are two times a week at this point, but even so the collection is still modest in size. The 32 videoscome in HD when you download them in the Windows Media file and they can also be streamed and downloaded in MP4s that are good in quality. It's true of both the main video section and the one with behind-the-scenes footage.

You can also download 32 photo galleries in handy Zip files and they appear to have crisp high-res pics. There is another area of the site that has individual pics that have been uploaded from Summer's smartphone, but they are lower in quality and I kind of consider them like an extra rather than part of her main content.

You get five bonus sites, including Anastasia Harris and four more softcore babes who offer similar content that will tease you into a frenzy. They add a bit of variety, with a redhead, a couple of brunettes and a sandy-haired beauty. While browsing any of them, you can save your favorites, rate the scenes, sort the content and leave comments.

They definitely add some value to your membership, but even without taking them into consideration I think I'd check out Summer St Claire mainly because she's such a knockout. Granted, I might stick around a bit longer if I'm into her girlfriends who fill out the rest of the network. Unfortunately, there's a download limit of 20GB on all the sites.


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