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Updated on: 02/23/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
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Since we last visited JessDavies...

  • The website was redesigned and you now have to go through the Socal Glamour network to get to Jess's content.
  • There's more content thanks to fact that you can usually count on getting two new videos and one fresh set of pictures every seven days.
  • You'll find Full HD videos on the site.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Winner

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but often I stumble across a girl who's such a knockout that anyone beholding her wouldn't think she was anything less than beautiful. Jess Davies is one such lass and I use that British term because she hails from Wales. In fact, she's sometimes called "The Welsh Wonder" and once you see her, you won't be left wondering why.

She's got blonde hair and bedroom eyes that are a pale cornflower blue, so her face is quite exquisite. However, I think maybe they should pluralize her nickname to "The Welsh Wonders" in reference to her all-natural breasts that are rather magnificent. I just love when a young babe has some serious curves and she's definitely got that ideal hourglass figure going on.

Jess currently appears in a decent amount of content, but you have to do a bit of work to find it all. You see, once you sign in, you'll find yourself on the Social Glamour network's homepage. The easiest way to get to Jess's material is by using the advanced search engine, but you can also go through the network's different sections and filter the content so that only Jess's porn shows up. It's a bit annoying, because the filters reset whenever you venture into a new area.

You can check Jess out in 191 Full HD videos. A little less than half show her posing and exposing her breasts. The rest of the flicks let you look on from the sidelines as she poses for photo shoots. The vids can be streamed in an embedded player or downloaded.

There are 152 photo galleries to go along with all those videos. A good percentage of them contain high-res pics of Jess posing in sexy outfits and stripping out of her clothes. The rest of the pictures are selfies and candid pics snapped with a mobile device.

I think the shoot I most appreciate is the one of Jess posing against a Massey-Ferguson tractor while wearing a crop top and Daisy Dukes. She looks like the sexy farmer's daughter who always gets someone in trouble in those off-color jokes people tell. After all, even if she never takes those denim shorts off, you can tell that she's not wearing any underwear and she does take her shirt off. How naughty is that?

As a member you get access to all the other network sites, so you can take a peek at additional content that feature gorgeous girls like Anastasia Harris, Jodie Gasson and Lucy Anne and others. You can usually count on getting two new videos and a fresh set of pictures every seven days, so even if we ignore the bonuses, Jess Davies' website is worth checking out.

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