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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Like most people, you probably associate witches with broomsticks and black cats. Well, if you visit Witch Cartoons, you might start associating them with blowjobs and hot sex instead, because the ones here are more interested in getting off than they are with casting spells.

WitchCartoons is easy to navigate, so it's got one thing going for it right off the bat. The website makes a point of showcasing its newest content and also its most popular material right on its homepage. To get to the rest of its content, all you need to do is check out its "comics," "cartoons" and "hentai" sections. If you want to see everything in one place, you can do so by clicking on the link labeled as "all."

There are over 120 spellbinding image galleries. Some bring you pages of sequential art, while others give you several standalone images. The pics are packed with pussy licking, dick sucking, hardcore fucking and even anal screwing, so they get pretty raunchy. There's always at least one witch featured and the babes get loads of jizz dropped on them instead of houses.

The art is always really good and the colors pop. The artists have really done an excellent job of rendering all sorts of sexual encounters. The pics themselves are high-res and you're free to view them as slideshows. One thing you can't do, however, is download them in Zip files. That's not a big deal though, as there are never more than 10 images per set.

Zip folder downloads isn't the only thing that the website is lacking. There aren't any videos or extras either. The site makes up for this somewhat by seemingly updating on a daily basis. It's already got a decent amount of content and if it keeps updating at this pace, it'll have a whole lot to offer in no time.

The cost to join With Cartoons is a bit high, but that's often the case with toon sites. The thing is, though, that a lot of those other cartoon websites have videos and more pictures than this one currently offers. If you think the site's got enough content for you, you can jump right in and get to enjoying its comics and dirty pictures.

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