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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Cartoon Za takes some of those Saturday morning cartoons, both the classics and the more contemporary ones, and turns them completely upside down by making them as absolutely filthy as possible. They also take inspiration from comic book heroes, primetime animated series and major animated features.

What's cool about CartoonZa is that the images are often done in a style that's slightly different from the originals, yet because they never label anything by its name, only by artist, they need to be instantly recognizable. Whether they're the modern stone-age family or a futuristic clan who live in a world where there are flying cars and their maid is a robot, you'll know who is who.

It turns out that there aren't any videos, but the collection of pics is quite impressive, because they're updating two or three times a week and there are already 324 sets of high-res pics. It's a bit disappointing that there aren't any Zip files to download the sets in, so instead you'll need to right-click and "save as" each thumbnail.

I mention that specifically because if you just click on a thumbnail it'll simply open up in a popup display that won't allow you to save it. It turns out that the interface has a built-in slideshow feature, but you it can always pause it and you have the option of enlarging the pic to its full size. You can also rate the images and add them to your favorites.

You can also rate the entire set and you can also leave comments. There's a basic search and the chance to filter the material by "pinups" (these can be mixed pic sets or ones telling a story without words) or by "comics" (these, of course, have a plot and dialogue). There's the option to sort the content by date or by cartoon.

There aren't any bonus sites and I have to say that a membership is rather high considering there aren't any animations to watch. At least most of the content here isn't available anywhere else, but, even so, Cartoon Za just seems overpriced no matter how you slice it.

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