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Updated on: 03/06/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited TrannieClub...

  • More than 50 new videos have been posted. We're still waiting to get some fresh pics.
  • The update schedule improved. A total of 16 vids have been posted in the last month alone.
  • There are now HD videos available.

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What if there was a place where you could let it all hang out with hot transsexual beauties who crave hardcore action with horny lovers just like you? Would you go there every day? Would you stay there for hours? You might be able to find some of the answers on Trannie Club, though before you just go ahead and sign up I should probably give you some details.

Unfortunately, TrannieClub lacks cohesiveness. Still, even if the settings change quite a bit and sometimes you'll see an Asian ladyboy instead of a Brazilian one, overall you could make some generalizations, like that most of the action is hardcore and most of the time it appears to be shot in Brazil.

One thing that annoys me about this site is that although the newer vids are posted in full-length files, the older ones are split up into clips that aren't always posted in order, so it's not always easy to reassemble all the parts to form a complete movie. They also sometimes split up the pics from one shoot into multiple smaller sets instead of just creating one gallery for each.

All that to say, my numbers might be off a bit. You'll find about 375 videos. Most are below average in quality, but the newer ones are in good-quality or in HD. You also get mostly medium-res images that fill around 164 galleries. You can't download the pics in Zip files, but you can stream and download the flicks.

The site posts a few new vids each week, at least at the moment. They have a history of going extended periods of time without updating before resuming again, so just be aware of that. Another thing you should know is that it's been a long time since any new photos were added.

There aren't any keyword tags or anything beyond a basic search, so you end up having to browse page by page and read the descriptions/titles and look at the thumbnails. Generally those things are helpful enough in determining whether a scene has masturbation and toy play or tranny sex. You can often figure out when there are blowjobs and sex and if it's between trannies or involves males, females or multiple partners.

I should mention that the search actually returns results from all the sites that make up the Fetish Pack network. Some, like Amateur TVs and Trannie Videos, feature more shemales. Brutal CBT, Beneath Her, Strapon Slaves and Trampling World are a few of the others. As you can tell, fetishes are the focus here. In the end, Trannie Club still has some issues, but the update schedule and improved video quality give us hope for the future.

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