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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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While I hold Dirty D responsible for what goes in the network that bears his name, the sites he is personally involved with are generally more fun than the others. Theater Sluts is one such site. There is some great subject matter here, but is it worth your time and money?

I guess with an opening statement like that I should just get right to the point. So let me start with how you get to the content I am going to be talking about. And thankfully that is pretty simple. When you sign in you are going to land on the network homepage and from there you just need to select the TheatreSluts website from a drop-down menu and away you go.

As I write this, there are 46 videos and 48 photo sets. The movies are all about 20 minutes long and feature good hardcore amateur gangbanging. You can save the flicks in a good-quality Windows Mediaformat and an average-quality MP4 format. You can also stream the movies. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the website is updating these days.

If you've ever been in a porn theater, after seeing the scenes on this site, you may just pay a little more attention the next time just in case one of these chicks happens to walk in and asks if she can get down with you. This is definitely the kind of thing that would make the price of admission worthwhile (not that I know how much porn theaters cost, of course).

Scenes begin with Dirty D and a "slut." After a little introduction they go walking into the theater and grab a seat. They start to get it on as the other men in the area begin to congregate. Some of them touch the girl, some touch themselves, but eventually they all have their cocks in the chick's mouth and some also fuck her before dropping a load on her body or in her mouth.

The lack of updating is a bummer, but if you are still interested, there is some good news. As a member, you get access to nearly 30 other sites from the The Stall network, including Tampa Bukkake, The Oral Slut, Phoenixxx Blaque and Skunk Riley. These additional sites provide you with lots of extra amateur action.

If horny chicks getting slammed by random guys in a dark theater is of interest to you (and it should be), then you will consider joining Theater Sluts. But the amount of content and lack of updating could keep you from joining.

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