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Updated on: 03/06/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • This collection has grown to a more reasonable size, but they haven't added a new scene in more than three months.

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I don't get to review sites with chicks spitting all that often. Well, they're spitting, but it's not usually spit that's coming out, if you know what I mean. And if you don't know what I mean, get a freakin' clue. I mean jizz! Anyway, Girls Like Spit isn't giving you hotties horking loogeys or anything, but their salivary glands do seem to produce a very decent-sized glob of saliva that's usually sent running down their chins and onto their beautifully naked bods.

Boobs are glistening and pussies are more moist than usual when they're being inundated with spit, let me tell you. Some girls have spit that's a bit more watery and runs down their torsos enticingly, while others really have (this might not sound so sexy) a more phlegm-based saliva that's thick and sticks well to their tender flesh (especially when they're rubbing their poons with it).

The site has a decent design and navigation is made easy with sections, written descriptions and large thumbnails that cycle through a few vid caps to give you an idea of what the babe does with her spit. You can rate the content using little spit droplets (which I thought was clever) and also sort them by rating. A model index is also available.

At this point, the collection has grown to a slightly more appealing size, although with 29 videos and 29 photo galleries, it's still a modest amount. Also, the content isn't dated, but they do list the day of the last update and it was over three months ago.

Though the small amount might cause you to get so mad that you yourself could spit, let me tell you about the superb quality. The videos can be downloaded in three sizes of Windows Media files and the largest of the bunch will give you amazing Full HD footage. The pics are also available in three sizes, whether you view them online or download them in Zip files.

The women don't talk in their scenes, but you can sometimes hear gargle-like sounds as they swish the spit around their mouths. There are also the usual spitting sounds to look forward to, of course. The bulk of the videos are solo, but there are two scenes involving girls spitting on each other, making out, playing with their pussies and even drinking spit!

You don't get any bonuses, but you can shell out a bit more money to join the Girls Like Fetish network, which includes access to this site and one that's dedicated to another bodily fluid. Want to guess which one? (Psst, the site is called Girls Like Pee!)

There aren't too many spit-fetish sites being offered these days, so anyone into it will certainly rejoice at this gem. And with high quality and exclusivity in its corner, Girls Like Spit is worth joining, but you might not stick around too long.

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