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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I find that some gay sites try to attract both kinky and mainstream folks with watered-down versions of various fetishes and some light bondage in addition to standard blowjobs and fucking. So I'm happy to say that Iron Lockup delivers the real deal when it comes to BDSM and although you will see some fucking (usually by a nightstick or big dildo), the focus at all times is on the kink.

IronLockup features genuine amateurs as the subs to a very experienced Master named Sir Pan. He's an Italian hunk in his late 20s who measures 5'10" and weighs 168 pounds. His hairy, muscular frame has tattoos and piercings while his brown hair is cropped short, his face his bearded and his eyes are hazel. He has a slave called "the puppy" who appears in some scenes as a sub and in others as a Dom.

Although some vids may be continuations of each other, I am going to count each of the 163 videos as separate scenes, because they're all about 45 minutes long and this kind of action isn't about a clear start, middle and end. There's a lot of footage where you're simply meant to enjoy seeing someone in captivity or behaving restlessly or struggling to be comfortable in their restraints.

On the tour they mention that if you're only looking to see guys getting fucked then these scenes aren't for you and that they can seem quite long with little happening at times. Luckily, the often good-looking streams function just fine. Although you might occasionally need to press "play/pause" to resume playback, you won't have to wait for them to load before you can skip ahead.

The scenes' crispness does vary because of the rather unique concept behind the way many are shot. They have built a rather elaborate dungeon with built-in photographer's grade lighting and high-quality security cameras capturing the action from a variety of angles.

You will also find five photo sets that don't necessarily contain the largest images, but do come with color pictures. That's worth noting, because the flicks often come in black and white. They capture different angles that might have been missed by the embedded security cams, but let me go ahead and give you an idea of the impressive scope of this dungeon setup.

These are prison cells with a holding capacity of up to five prisoners that meet real correctional-facility standards. It, along with a wet room, is watertight, so they can easily be hosed down. There's a urinal trough for pissing games that was salvaged from an old industrial building, along with cages, leather restraints, electricity devices, straightjackets, handcuffs, body bags and more.

Updates to the video section appear to be weekly and although you won't find any bonus sites per se, you will find 10 video feeds and they've managed to select ones that involve fetish-themed action as well as bare backing in some instances. Without even worrying about extras, though, Iron Lockup is a unique gay BDSM site worth joining.


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