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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The guy behind My Footjobs loves to get his cock stroked by sexy feet. He gets naughty amateurs to work their magic on his dick and he films them while their use their soles to take him to orgasm. The resulting footage is what you get access to.

When you first land on MyFootjobs, you'll see the site's newest content and disappointingly there has been anything added since October 2013. Moreover, although they list separate movie and photo sections, you will find 62 videos, but there's only a single very blurry vid cap rather than any actual photos.

The movies mostly show women using their feet to stroke the site's star's cock until he cums. That said, it isn't uncommon to see the guy sucking the women's toes and he gets his dick sucked every now and then. One sizzling scene has a babe giving a dude a blowjob while simultaneously giving the website's star a footjob.

The movies can be enjoyed streamed and downloaded in clips and full-length versions. You have multiple file types to choose from, including Windows Media format (only in clip form), MP4s, 3GPs and Flash (when it comes to streaming them only the latter allows you to skip ahead immediately in the footage). It turns out that many offer great-quality playback, but often the best option for a scene will be the WMVs, so you're stuck downloading a few clips.

You may come across some that are even excellent in quality, but keep in mind that the footage doesn't necessarily look as impressive as you'd expect it to given the higher bit rates. I think that has more to do with the amateur nature of these shoots, because the camerawork and lighting probably affects how the finished product looks on your screen more than the playback stats.

There are links that are supposed to take you to DVDs, audio files and stories, but when you follow them, you just land on blank pages or they require you to sign up for third-party memberships. There is one link in the video feed section that leads to some archived shows of webcam performers, but what's more notable are the eight bonus sites, including Celeste Fox and Little Fetish Sluts.

My Footjobs has enough content to make it worth checking out at least for a bit. Maybe it will garner more long-term appeal if it returns to a more frequent update schedule and I do believe that has gone on an extended hiatus in the past before returning to regular updating.

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