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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Just thinking about a whole world filled with teens gives me a headache. But if that world was filtering out all the bad ones and just leaving us with sexy teens willing to get naked? Put away the Tylenol, folks, because that is a world I would live on. But would I recommend you join All Teens World Mobile? Well, how about I tell you what you get and let you decide.

AllTeensWorldMobile is home to 14 individual-model sites and when you sign in you are taken to a page where you can access all of them individually. That is one way to browse the collection, but I was happy to see that besides going site by site I could also check out the whole collection via the photo and video sections.

So while the navigation is well-done, the design is a whole other matter. You see, folks, while the tour looks to be designed specifically for mobile sites, the site itself is a whole different story. Once inside you will just see the non-mobile design shrunk down to fit your mobile screen.

The problem with this is that everything ends up being too small and I found myself doing a lot of scrolling and pinch-2-zoom in order to read things and click on links, etc. Also, there are no content tags, there is no sorting or filter options, there isn’t an advanced search and I couldn't even save scenes or sets to my favorites.

As for the content itself, some of the girls, like Play With Alicia Mobile, stick to the softcore semi-nude thing, while others, like Heidi Harper Mobile, enjoy showing off their completely naked bodies, but again sticking mostly to the softcore side. Then there are a few chicks, like Kayla Louise Mobile, who need to get their fingers in their pussies.

In total, you are getting 228 sets of pictures and 77 videos. The videos look good and so do the photos. Since the site is a port of the non-mobile version you will see a download link under each video. Actually, you will usually see two of them - one for MP4 and one for Windows Media. While they have recently added photo sets, it is now going on four months since any of the sites added a video.

This is important for two reasons. The first is that if you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch, there is no downloading going on, it is just streaming. This is fine, but what isn't fine is that the videos with just a WMV option won’t work on an iDevice. Thankfully, there are only a small number of those, but it is something that needs to be mentioned.

The chicks are hot and the content is exclusive, so those are two pluses for anyone looking for a mostly softcore mobile experience. However, the amount of content, for a mega-site, isn’t that impressive and add to that the poor design and lack of video updates and All Teens World Mobile can only get a light recommendation at best.

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