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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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We no longer link to this site.

There is no doubt that after one look at Alicia you will want to play with her. The question is though: Is her site worth playing with? And the answer to that question is a resounding, Nope! And here is why.

First off is the design. When you head over to the site on your mobile device everything looks good on the tour page. The site has a mobile design and there doesn’t appear to be any issues. But then you sign in and things change.

You see, Play With Alicia Mobile is just the standard version of the site scaled to your small screen. This means you will be doing a lot of pinch-2-zoom action in order to read things and tap on links. Not a good thing!

Navigation is also an issue. When you first sign in, the "videos" and "pictures" tabs at the top take you to her content, but once you start looking around and checking things out, you'll find youself on the All Teens World network instead. To get back to Alicia, you need to select her name from a drop-down menu.

The next issue is the amount of content, which as it stands now is at 20 photo sets and six videos. Not only are those numbers pretty crappy, but the dates tell me that they haven't added a new movie in almost three months. At least the pics and the videos are good in quality.

What will you see in those pics and vids, you ask? Well, you will see Alicia in her bra and panties and you will also see her with no top on at all and her pretty tits exposed to the camera. As for her pretty pussy, I can only assume how pretty it is, because I never got to see it. Most of her photo sets are solo shoots, while her videos are all duo scenes with her and another softcore, semi-nude hottie.

Obviously the site is too small to recommend and the lack of recent updates doesn’t bode well for Alicia's mobile site ever getting a recommendation. However, I do need to mention that your membership gets you access to the entire All Teens World network on your mobile device - although all the other sites are as poorly designed and many are just as small. Any way you look at it Play With Alicia Mobile is, as I said at the beginning of all this, not worth playing with!

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