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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!'s tour does a good job of making you want to join the website. It presents you with lots of preview images and the vast majority of them are clearly vid caps taken from movies. The tour also features brief write-ups that describe what the various scenes are about. Seeing all this is sure to make you eager to enter the site, but heed my words and don't rush in.

Despite the presence of vid caps, you won't find a single movie on All the site has to offer are galleries. Some contain actual photographs, but it seems that you're more likely to come across video captures. The lack of films is obviously disappointing and I'd say it's pretty surprising as well. After all, the cost of a membership is really high, so it's somewhat shocking to discover that you're being asked to pay a lot simply to get access to pics and vid caps.

You can never tell what a gallery is going to contain, though. Going through each one to count those with screenshots and those with photos would be far too time consuming, so I'll simply tell you that there are 314 image sets and many of them are broken up into several parts.

The pics seem to always depict scenes in which guys somehow end up naked around a bunch of fully clothed girls. It isn't uncommon to see the dudes get bound and humiliated. It's also pretty common to see the guys masturbating in front of the ladies or getting jerked off by them.

As you'd expect, the video captures never look all that great. Surprisingly, though, the photographs aren't too impressive either. There are some high-res pictures to be had, but even they tend to be disappointing, as they're often grainier than you’d think they'd be. You can't view them in slideshows and you can't download them in Zip files either.

Now, to get vid caps, you obviously need videos. So where are the movies they come from? Well, from the looks of things, they seem to be featured on a website called CFNM TV. You don't get access to it as a member, so if you want to check out what it offers, you need to pay extra. You can get yourself a subscription, but if you prefer, you can just pay for what you watch instead.

The website doesn't have a set update schedule, but it is growing. Unfortunately, updates usually consist of part of a gallery, so it can take a while to get a complete set. To make matters worse, there isn't much in the way of extras. There's a forum, but that's it. Given these problems and all the others mentioned above, I think it's clear that is a site that you can stand to pass on.

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