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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I think for lots of people porn is about fantasies and seeing things played out on screen that they'd never imagine doing in real life. That may explain why sites like are so popular, both with folks who don't like condoms in any situation and those who would never dream of creaming inside another dude's ass themselves or having someone do so to them.

If you're looking for to bring you something completely new and different then you'll probably be disappointed, especially if you watch a lot of gay Internet porn of the bareback variety. You see, there's a group of guys from Eastern Europe (or possibly they're Russians) and although some have twink-like bodies, I don't think they're all teens. At any rate, they appear on loads of bareback sites.

Now I am not sure how often this collection is being updated, because nothing is dated. Let's hope that they're adding something at least once a week, because the site needs to do some growing in my opinion. After all, there are only 23 episodes, but at least you get some good-quality videos and high-res photos (too bad there aren't any Zip files). I have to say that the scenes here are some of the strangest that I've seen judging by the ones I sampled.

You see they didn't really seem to have money shots or at least not in the traditional sense. None of the Tops pull out to shoot their wad, but instead they make what might be the sound of an orgasm and continue pounding the bottoms hard (their holes look like they might be lubed up with cum). Then a scene may end randomly in the middle of thrusting. They kind of seem anti-climactic (double entendre intended).

Another thing that I would mention is that the dialogue is not in English and there aren't any subtitles. With that in mind, in at least one scene that I watched, it seems like the director interrupts the action to tell the guys to change position, but I can't quite be sure, maybe the boys were talking to each other (I couldn't see their mouths). Anyway, it kind of made the hookup seem awkward, not passionate.

You get one bonus site called Barebacked and it brings you very similar scenes with some of the very same performers. This additional site definitely helps to flesh out what otherwise is rather small amount of gay porn. All in all, may have exclusive bare backing, but it's lacking a bit when it comes to keeping the action fresh.

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