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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Sandy is a classy, mature woman who has always enjoyed the finer things in life. She's got a taste for things like fine wine, nice clothes and expensive holidays. She's also really got a thing for fancy underwear. She's particularly fond of stockings and one of her favorite things to do is show off how good she looks while wearing them and sexy high heels. You can see her doing quite a bit of this on Sandys Secrets.

Despite the name of her website, it really doesn't seem as though she is keeping too many secrets. She's got a bio on her tour and an FAQ section. She also invites you to contact her directly if there's anything you'd like to know about her, so she should have called her website Sandys An Open Book. I can understand why she didn't, though. SandysSecrets does have a much better ring to it.

The first thing you see when you enter the site is a message that welcomes you. From there, you can get to her vids and pics with but a click of your mouse. All her movies are gathered together in a separate area, while her photos can be found in the sections labeled "galleries" and "archives." In all, there are 300 videos and 395 sets of pictures. None of this material is dated, but she tells us that she updates weekly, so we'll have to take her word for it for now.

Each vid is represented by a thumbnail that gives you an idea of what it is about. That's helpful, but what's less helpful is the fact that Sandy has all 300 of her videos on the same page. It isn't a big issue, but your hand will get a workout if you try scrolling from top to bottom a few times. The newer films can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded as M4V and Windows Media files. Older releases can't be watched online and can only be saved as Windows Media files. Quality varies, but you'll be happy to learn that a fair number are HD videos.

The main photo section is setup very similarly to the video section. Every gallery is represented by a preview pic and there are lots featured on the same page, so there's more scrolling to be done. The galleries are comprised of good-looking pics and some are even high-res. It's easy enough to browse the sets and save the shots that really catch your eye, though you should be aware that there's no way to grab an entire gallery in one fell swoop.

As mentioned before, Sandy is a classy lady, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that her content is classy as well. It's all softcore and it tends to show her posing for us wearing sexy stockings and lingerie. She makes sure to give us great looks at her legs and feet and when she's feeling really generous, she even allows us to get a peek at her tits and pussy. She's got a 36DD bust, so when you get to see her breasts it's really a treat.

There aren't any extras or bonus sites. If you need to keep yourself busy between updates, you can kill some time by visiting her store. There are nylons, panties and a DVD to be purchased. And as I mentioned a little earlier, you can also keep yourself occupied by sending her messages. She says she responds to every one she gets, so feel free to get in touch with her, just be sure to be polite. Being rude or ignorant won't get you far with this lady.

Whether you're after a site devoted to a mature woman or one focused on stockings, Sandys Secrets should keep you pretty satisfied. After all, it's got a lot of content and it's high-quality material for the most part.

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