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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Boys will be boys they say and these days that seems to mean showing off their dicks, but does such a tactic really do the trick? Who knows, but either way, both straights and gays put their meat on display on Cut N Uncut in self-shot videos.

The design is as basic as it gets and I have to say that I'm not so in love with it. First of all, there's no members' area to sign into when you visit CutNUNcut. Instead, you simply click on a thumbnail and you'll be prompted to login. At least if you set it up correctly you won't be prompted to do it again and again.

However, more of an issue is that the homepage consists of nothing but a long list of thumbnails with no titles or anything else labeling them to help you keep track of which ones you've already seen. But, hey, maybe you have a photographic memory. My response to that is, "Good luck with that because most of the thumbnails have nothing to do with the vids they're linked to!'

That's right, my friend. When you click to watch almost any of the 679 videos you'll feel quite confused, because the footage usually won't match the screen cap. It may be the same guy, but magically his penis won't look so huge anymore or it might be a completely different dude who's not even the same ethnicity as the stud whose massive black cock fills the linked thumbnail.

Yes, the people behind this site seem to be obsessed with big cocks in all those thumbnails, so it's a bit odd that the footage they've managed to secure has cocks that are average for the most part. I have to say that even when the manhood presented is relatively on the large size it generally can't measure up to the preview image.

It turns out that the streaming-only vids give you below-average quality, which doesn't help flicks that already suffer from poor lighting and strange angles that come from the often subpar camerawork with a smartphone, webcam or laptop. Also, there aren't any photos and there aren't any bonus sites either.

They claim that the content is exclusive, so I am not sure if they're all genuinely sent in by users. And even if they are user-submitted flicks, there's no way to send in your own. Anyway, even assuming that all this content is exclusive, Cut N Uncut just doesn't have good enough vids to make it worth joining. There are too many sites with better-quality homemade self-shot movies.

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  • Comment by: inmymouthtx

    Score: 20% Date: 12/23/2013

    This site SUCKS! You click on thumbnail pix of huge cocks and get sent to vids of small to average cocks being jacked off... don't waste your money here.