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Updated on: 02/14/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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  • Five new movies have been added.
  • The older flicks come in a Windows Media and MP4 format and the newer ones are in MP4 formats only, including a Full HD one.

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Given the name of the site, you'd be forgiven for assuming that Czech Bitch is all about a very unpleasant woman from the Czech Republic. As it turns out, the site actually chronicles the adventures of a guy who calls himself Sheriff Mirek. He goes around banging "prostitutes" and he's outfitted his vehicle with spy cameras that catch all the action.

CzechBitch tells you that its content is completely authentic, but the ladies Mirek picks up look a little too good for me to completely buy the site's claims. Then again, I don't think I've ever seen a woman from the Czech Republic who wasn't absolutely stunning, so maybe the country's sex workers do look like models. Another thing that makes me question the site' authenticity is that Mirek doesn't use condoms. Would you really do that when fucking prostitutes?

It seems as though Mirek doesn't always document his sexual escapades, because he only has 47 movies to share with us despite the site going live in June 2013. Although, the cost of visiting all those hookers would get pricey, which may explain why updates are infrequent. They added two movies this past month, but weeks or months can sometimes pass without anything new showing up.

The movies last anywhere from 27 to 46 minutes. They give you the best seat in the house as Mirek rolls up on a girl, chats with her about what she'll do and for how much, fucks her and then sends her on her way. My favorite scene has him banging a MILF and then boning her daughter when he learns that she's a sex worker too.

You can stream the videos in an embedded player and you're usually able to save them in MP4 and Windows Media files. The WMV is the format to go with, because it allows you to enjoy all of Mirek's sexual encounters in glorious HD. The two newest are in MP4 formats instead, including a Full HD one. It seem likely we'll get more 1080p vids moving forward.

There aren't any photo sets, but it makes sense given the premise. Having the babes pose for a series of pictures would also totally kill the believability factor. The site could choose to offer vid caps, but seeing as how they tend to look pretty crummy, I'm not shedding any tears over the fact that there aren't any.

In getting a membership you get access to the entire Czech AV network, which brings you even more beauties from the Czech Republic, like on Czech Gangbang, Czech Lesbians and Czech Sharking. And you can conveniently access them on the same interface.

Czech Bitch is worth joining if you like the reality concept of a guy going out and paying for sex. The fact that the girls are Czech adds another element, of course - and a sexy one at that. After all, that country does have some beautiful women.

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