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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Are you a guy who loves lactating chicks and you have been satisfying your craving by getting women pregnant just so that you can enjoy their milk-filled breasts? Or are you a lady who loves other lactating ladies and has been hanging out at your OBGYN's waiting room and chatting up the preggo women trying to get them to show you their milk dripping tits? Well, STOP! I have a much easier way for you to fulfill your fantasy and its name is Lactation Fantasy.

Here you will find hundreds of women with bulging breasts filled with milk, the other white nectar of the gods (cum is the other one, in case you were wondering). Some of them have milk dripping from their nipples, others can squeeze it out so that it squirts many feet in front of them. Some show off their lactating alone, while others pump and squirt with, and on, another chick.

The scenes all have music playing over them and many have been using slow-mo to enhance the bouncing breasts and lactating action. I was also impressed to see that they like to switch up locations at times. In just the first four random vids I checked out, two were on a rooftop (one with the sun setting) one was in a bedroom and the other one took place in a kitchen.

The design is nice and navigating is very good for the most part. However, there is an issue when it comes to videos and photos and that would be that they aren't split up into their own sections. Every scene can be found in the "sessions" section, but until you click on the thumbnail you won't know if the scene has videos and photos or just photos.

Now, for the most part it is both, but it was a little annoying when I would be excited to see a scene in video form only to click through to its page and see only photos. With that in mind, I feel very comfortable saying that there are 325 photo sets and 300 videos. The content added since 2008 looks to averaging 20-30 minutes each, but the older scenes are around 10 minutes long.

It looks like they are adding a new scene once a week and these days the scenes pretty much always come with vids and pics. The pictures are high-res and the movies offer both a standard version and an HD download option. There is no streaming option. There is, however, a sorting option, keyword tags, user ratings and an advanced search engine.

Sure, there are a few issues with the navigation and I would really like to see them add a streaming option for the videos. However, I can't remember ever seeing a lactation site this large and this high in quality. Lactation Fantasy is definitely worth joining.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 85% Date: 07/24/2015

    It's a lactation site, not a lesbian site, but there are plenty of clips of women sucking the nipples of lactating women & they're 99% ordinary breastfeeding women, not professional porn stars, which makes it more appealing.

    The content is good & filmed with quality cameras & lighting.

    The only downside is the lack of regular updates, the last video posted on the site was on the 15th May.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 60% Date: 03/29/2015

    There is lots of lactation on this site, it's true. But ... the women tend to be embarrassed or awkward, not aroused. It's not nearly as sexy as one would hope. And ... sorry to say, many of the women are unattractive. Very few of them are caucasian. Quite a few are old. And there's no audio, just music to accompany each video. Am disappoint.