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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Schoolgirls HD Mobile seems like a site that was made specifically for me, because I love to see babes in school uniforms and I'm always on the go. The chicks on this website all happen to be Japanese and each of them is adorable.

I'm happy to report that SchoolgirlsHDMobile looks good. Like any good mobile site, it's clearly been designed with mobile devices in mind and it's fairly simple to navigate. Unfortunately, the website does have one navigational flaw that hurts it quite a bit. You'll encounter the problem yourself as soon as you start to browse.

When you first sign in you'll land on a page with eight videos. If you want to see additional you need to tap the "show more" button at the bottom of the page. Doing so causes eight more flicks to appear. There are 136 movies, so you have to tap that button quite a few times before you can finally see everything that's available to you. The fact that it all ends up showcased on the same page isn't all that great either.

Every video is represented by a thumbnail and a title. These give you a pretty good idea of what they're about. You can use the model index to find scenes that star specific girls and you can use keyword tags to find flicks that feature particular sex acts or chicks with certain physical attributes.

The vids come in an MP4 format that looks pretty good. They're damn hot as well, as they feature some real cuties who put on great shows that prove that they aren't nearly as innocent as they appear to be. You can see chicks showing off their hot bodies, pleasuring themselves, giving blowjobs and having sex. Some of the gals even take on two or three guys at a time and it's really something to see.

I didn't watch every video, but I didn't encounter any Japanese censorship in the ones I did watch. That definitely pleased me. I was also happy to see that the vast majority of the movies actually had schoolgirls who looked like schoolgirls. The girls all look age appropriate and they almost always wear some sort of school uniform.

There aren't any photos, but there is more content to be had on the bonus sites. Having looked into the matter, I can tell you that you get access to 13 additional mobile sites, including AV 69 Mobile, Gang AV Mobile, JAV HD Mobile and Shiofuky Mobile. You can also access their non-mobile versions.

It isn't clear how often Schoolgirls HD Mobile updates, but the numbers suggest weekly, and as things stand now, it's got enough content to last you a little while regardless. If you like Japanese babes and chicks in school uniforms, you should consider getting yourself a membership.

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