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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Stock Bar has gone through a number of incarnations and is the place to see some of Montreal, Canada's, hottest male dancers. That online domain is also the actual name of the strip club where the site's performances are streamed live, featuring a bevy of buff French Canadian hunks peeling for horny locals as well as tourists from around the world.

The only time I ever visited it in person was many years ago, but it has changed locations since then and I find that its interior has a trendier, more upscale appeal. I also don't remember the dancers' performances getting me as excited as some of the ones online do now. However, I must admit that StockBar is kind of ideal for someone like me.

It may sound silly to some, but I've never really been comfortable with even being in a nightclub that has go-go dancers. I just find the whole dynamic of drooling over some scantily-clad stranger and getting all hot and bothered in a roomful of other guys awkward. I'm too shy to let myself go and show others that I'm into it, so the anonymity of watching via the Internet is great.

The last time I visited this site I couldn't believe how into the whole thing I got and they've added a lot of new things. For example, there are a whole slew of new, recorded live cam shows shot in a studio that I only saw a few of the last time around. There are also some things I do remember, like interviews with some of the performers while they're hanging out at the DJ booth.

You can check out a good number of recorded stage performances as well and you'll see lots of highly suggestive shower shows where the men touch each other and even sometimes simulate sex. All told you'll find 901 average-looking videos and 90 large vid caps. The main attraction, though, are the live streams that also look average that show you the action on stage.

There is also some behind-the-scenes masturbation in the jerk-off room where the dudes get themselves ready for their performances up front. These areas of the site are live between 8 PM and 2 AM EST, while during the day you'll see a replay of the onstage show throughout the hours in between.

Another new feature is that now you can chat with some of the performers in a studio setting from 11 PM EST once a week and there you will see them get completely nude, lube up their cocks and then jerk off until they shoot some sweet money shots. I find it the perfect way to complete an evening of getting all hot and bothered watching the strippers.

There are no bonus sites and nothing here is downloadable, so some may not like the fact that it costs as much as a standard porn site. However, you need to compare it to your typical live cam shows that normally charge you on a per-minute basis that ends up being much pricier. Stock Bar offers you the chance to watch live male dancers from the comfort of your home and that seems worthwhile.

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