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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The women found on Black Amateur Freaks aren't freaks in the sense that they're human oddities who get presented to the public at circus sideshows. No, they're freaks because there's nothing they like more than getting freaky in front of a camera. These babes are new to porn game, but they each prove that they've got the skills to succeed in the business.

BlackAmateurFreaks has a decent look to it and it places its newest content right on its homepage so you can't miss it. All you need to do is click where it says "view all the updates." The vids and pics are displayed together by default, but you can sort the material so that only one of the other show up. You might not want to do that, though, because some of the movies disappear when you tell the site that all you want to see are flicks.

There are 22 videos and they can all be streamed online. It's nice that you can watch them right on the site, but it's pretty annoying that you can't jump ahead in a scene without having the movie restart from the beginning. The vids can usually be downloaded as MP4s and Windows Media files.

The former are advertised as being presented in HD, but don't believe the site's claims, because the MP4s only offer average-quality playback. That obviously sucks, but don't be too upset, because as it turns out, the Windows Media files do allow you to enjoy HD footage. Worth noting, though, is that the high-def movies don't look as good as you'd expect them to.

There's only one set of pictures and a closer inspection reveals that it provides you with crummy vid caps rather than actual photos. You can view the video captures in a slideshow if you want, but believe me when I say that looking through these shots is hardly worth your time.

The majority of the vids feature black women who do things like squirt, give blowjobs and have sex. However, there is one scene in which a white babe hooks up with a black stud. There's also a Femdom scene involving two women. It seems it was posted as a test and never removed. This Femdom flick is only one that can't be downloaded.

The dates on the content tell us that everything on the website other than the aforementioned Femdom scene was added within the last 30 days. An exact update schedule hasn't been established yet, but the site will really need to start updating often if it's going to offer a decent amount of material in the near future.

There are two bonus sites to explore while you wait for more content to materialize, namely DMV Head Crew and Ms Mocha XXXstacy. Be aware, though, that the latter of these offers a lot of the same content as the site I've been telling you about here.

Despite having some HD movies, Black Amateur Freaks just doesn't offer enough content to make getting a membership worthwhile just yet. Give the collection some time to grow before you bother investing in it.

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