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Updated on: 01/25/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited HerSexDebut...

  • They've added a lot of content, so it would appear that updates are sometimes twice, rather than once, a week.
  • Many videos come in Full HD, although a few in standard HD have slightly higher bit rates.

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If you're looking for a horny European teen to make Her Sex Debut then you've come to the right place. This site brings you hot Euro babes who've never fucked in front of a camera before.

Actually, I'd take that claim with a grain of salt. In fact, let's make it a whole pinch of salt. After all, it's hard to believe it's a performer's first time if she's been on HerSexDebut more than once. I'm little behind on my "Doctor Who," but I'm pretty sure even time travel doesn't work that way.

That's not to say you'll find tons of scenes with the same chick. There are currently 136 models appearing in 169 videos, so you're still getting a good variety of girls. The focus also isn't on the fact that they've never done porn before, but it's reasonable to assume since the oldest of them is only 22 years of age.

The movies can be streamed in a Flash player and there are multiple download options. It initially looks like you get dozens, but really they just list the files that work best on whichever browser you're using, so a lot of them are repeated. Some scenes come with M4V files, but for the most part every download link is an MP4. A significant number come in Full HD, while most offer standard high-def. Each video comes with a set of high-res pics.

The action varies and includes reality setups, gonzo porn and scripted scenes. Not all the films are in English, but given how little dialogue there is (even when it comes to the "oooh yeahs"), this probably won't be a problem for anyone. Some scenes are basically mimed!

My favorite video has a guy finding a blonde passed out on the road, so he puts her in his car and starts dialing his phone for help. Surprise! She's faking so she can suck his cock. One good turn deserves another, so he takes her back to the park and fucks her right there on the grass.

There aren't any extras, but you get discounts to third-party sites. The content isn't dated, but taking into account how much the site has grown since we last had a look at it, it would seem that updates are once or twice a week. Overall, if you like European teen porn, then you can't go wrong with Her Sex Debut.

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