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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I have always enjoyed reality porn and back when I started this job it was at the height of hardcore fashion, but nowadays it's been replaced with other kinds of action, like gonzo-style shoots that dispense with any pretense of a plot, scripted or otherwise. Currently, it may be less fashionable, but sites like Pickup Fuck Mobile still make it available using the latest of technologies.

It's really the perfect storm, because not only does PickupFuckMobile deliver the style I like, but also it has gorgeous performers. We're talking sweet-looking girls with genuinely fresh faces even if they seem to need coaxing to give a guy or two a blowjob for cash and get fucked in the pussy and ass.

I should also mention that these "innocents" allow it to happen in semi-public places and I would like to clear something up in regard to a comment I read on the non-mobile counterpart of this site (My Pickup Girls). The babes here have sex in no-time flat with a guy they don't know without using protection for the most part, so, no, they're not random chicks off the street. I should also tell you that the desktop version is included with your membership.

I will say though that the scenes are somehow more convincing coming out of Russia, because, for one thing, it's hard to tell how convincing or unconvincing the acting is. It sure helps when the dialogue is in Russian (sometimes there aren't even subtitles). Besides, doesn't everyone like to imagine that people in other countries are more liberated and adventurous than we are?

At any rate, there are 185 videos and they come in up to three formats. There's always an M4V option they've labeled for iPhone3/iPad/Android2 and then one or two MP4s for iPhone4+/iPad2+/Android4. The best of them look excellent, but they're not compatible with some older devices (as indicated by their labeling). In case you were wondering, there aren't any photos.

The design is a little too simplistic for my liking. There aren't any numbered page links, so you can only move forward or back one page at a time. You can sort by ratings and popularity, but there is no way to rate the content, so they must take the info from the non-mobile version. There aren't any keyword tags or a search engine. The content isn't dated, but they've only added five videos in the last eight months, so updates don't appear to be all that frequent.

You get the other sites that make up the WTF Pass Mobile network as a bonus. These add value to your membership, but even without them I think that Pickup Fuck Mobile is worth the money. Just keep in mind that if your mobile device is a bit outdated you won't have the best experience on the site.

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