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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Gorgeous women are being whipped on Pain Gate. Most of the spectacularly attractive females here are bound and then struck over and over with bull whips, single tail whips and dog whips. A few braver ladies take their lashes without being bound and I applaud them because the Masters and Mistresses who swing them aren't really interested in mercy.

While navigation is relatively easy, the design could use a bit of tweaking. There are different colored fonts and font sizes and it can be a bit overwhelming. The material is divided into different "gates" and they explain what each section holds, so it's not too hard to get around. From prison setups to historical ropeplays, I think you'll get a kick out of the variety.

At the bottom of every page it says, "This page only shows a small sample of the punishing video sessions we have produced over the last 10 years." This lead me to believe that I would be sifting through many archives, but I actually only counted 70 videos in the different gates. Most are available in their full lengths, but you'll find a few split into clips. Most gave me good-quality playback in Windows Media files.

These fine females adore feeling the sting of the whip on their most sensitive parts. True, many yelp, cry and scream and even beg for the punisher to stop, but the whipping continues until the woman's body is striped with angry red welts. There are a few different people who do the whipping, but Machine is my favorite. He speaks English with what sounds to be a French accent and he really lets that tender flesh feel the pain.

Each movie comes with a photo set and many can be saved in a Zip file. I didn't find any high-res pics, but I was still very impressed with the clarity. The photographer has a very trained eye and hand and you get amazing shots of the babe's flesh bulging about the whip as it smacks her body. Their anguished faces fill the galleries and you can almost feel your skin stinging.

The site updates about 13 times a month and you can read a bit more about the masochists in a separate section. In terms of improvements, I would really like to see an area that gives a bit of info on the sadists. I also think some keyword tags or a search of some kind would help members out a bit.

The asking price is above average, but so are the pain thresholds of these whipped performers. If you enjoy watching bound beauties test their limits, you won't mind shelling out the money for Pain Gate. This is the genuine article, people.

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