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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Have you ever looked up while sitting on a crowded bus or subway only to realize that you've got the crotches of multiple young men stuck right in your face? Now, ideally you would suck them all off, but realistically you'd end up with a serious case of blue balls on your commute. Here's a possible solution: Get to your destination, find a secluded corner and visit Plenty Of Dicks Mobile.

Of course, I'm assuming that you can find the kind of seclusion that will allow for some masturbation, because otherwise PlentyOfDicksMobile will only make your balls even bluer or you will find yourself jerking off in public and probably getting arrested which isn't what any of us want, right? After all, the site brings you content from Gay Revenge Mobile, Boys First Time Mobile, Papi Mobile and Dick Dorm Mobile, which will leave you all the more hot and bothered if you can't give yourself a little private rub-and-tug with a happy ending.

The content isn't dated, but after comparing content numbers from our last visit to what is here now, it seems that the site is updating weekly. There's certainly enough here to keep you busy for a while regardless of how often the collection is growing, because you'll find 292 exclusive videos and for simplicity's sake I'll say that there are also 292 photo sets, although some sets may have vid caps instead.

Either way they look decent enough on a mobile device that they could all pass for photos. That said, the vids are more impressive, because they give you great-looking playback when you choose the better of the two MP4s each one comes with. Just keep in mind that the top choice may not work on some older devices, so you'll have to go with the other MP4 or the 3GP option instead.

A list of keyword tags for each episode is pretty much the only feature built into the design, because you won't find an advanced search. There is a basic search, though, and besides a box where you can enter what you're looking for, you'll find three columns of keywords that you can click to list theme-related scenes. Some of them refer to straight porn, though, and don't return any results.

More of an issue is the lack of full pagination, so you can only move ahead or back through the pages one or five at a time, which is extremely tedious when it takes so many clicks to get to the last page of content. There isn't even a way to skip to the last page or back to the first. They at least let you save your favorites, so it's not such a chore to track them down again.

So, in the end, my recommendation ends up being a bit mixed, because Plenty Of Dicks Mobile certainly has more than enough content and the quality is hard to beat, but it could definitely work a bit on navigation.

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