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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The star of Louise Nylons really loves the way nylon feels against her skin. She's so in love with the sensation that she always sports at least one article of clothing made from nylon. As you'd expect, she often wears pantyhose, but her favorite thing to wear seems to be a nylon garment that covers everything above her waist. Yes, even her head.

Now, when I say that this woman is never without at least one article of nylon clothing I really mean it. It doesn't matter if she's masturbating or bathing, that nylon garment that coves her upper torso just doesn't come off. That's fine for the most part, but the one bad thing about it is that we never get a clear view of the girl or her tits. It's unfortunate, but the chick does make up for it by letting us get a great look at her pussy and ass as she pleasures herself with a dildo.

You'll find 21 videos and it's impossible to miss them, because you land on the first page of videos as soon as you sign in. The other movie pages are easy to access and you're free to jump to whichever page you want at all times. Getting to the site's pictures is just as easy. All you need to do is click on the photos link and that'll take you to three sets of pics.

Every flick is represented by a preview image and these come with write-ups that tell you what the different scenes are about. You can't stream the videos online, but you can download them. For better or for worse, they only come in an MPEG format. Thankfully, though, this format provides HD footage.

The photos are just as impressive as the videos, as they're all high-res. There are about 40 to a set and they provide you with great shots of the site's star. She shows off her hot body which is always encased in sexy nylon. The one bad thing about the pics is that you can't download them in Zip files. 

Nothing on the website is dated. Due to this, I can't tell you how often it updates. I hope it adds something new at least once a week, because it could sure use more content. Another reason why I'm hoping that it updates on a weekly basis is because there isn't any bonus material to be had.

The Louise Nylons site shows some promise, but it'll need to offer a lot more if it's going to become a great site. Give this collection some time to improve its numbers and check back in at a later date.

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