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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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Where I live, on one side of me is a nice gay couple and on the other side lives an old woman with four cats and a penchant for yelling at the trees when it gets really windy for "making too much noise" and "stealing her toothpaste." Although, to be fair to her, one time I did actually see a tube of toothpaste in the tree outside her window, so I can't completely rule out the tree as a suspect.

Anyway, I bring this up to say that the whole idea of living next door to a hot and horny MILF isn't something I can currently relate to, but if I knew the addresses for any of the women I saw on the Next Door Mommies site I would be relocating within days. However, does that mean you should move into the site for a month or more?

Well, first off, the design and navigation are all good. There isn't anything fancy about it, but it is pleasant to look at and I had no trouble getting around. Each scene is represented by a thumbnail and clicking on it gets you to the scene's page where you can choose to check out the photos, the screen caps, and stream and download the video. You can also rate the scene on a five-star scale.

There are 42 episodes (updating weekly) and each one comes with a set of high-res photos. As for the videos, they look good streaming in the embedded Flash player and they also offer good-quality bit rates when you download the "DVD" MP4 file.

Besides the MILF thing, there isn’t really any theme here. There are interracial scenes, I saw a few with anal sex, I watched a reality scene, a scripted one and there was some gonzo there as well. I guess the variety has to do with the fact that the collection is nonexclusive.

With the size of the site and the fact that it is nonexclusive I obviously can't recommend it. However, before you make your final decision I should give you all the information and tell you that your membership also gets you access to the four other sites that make up the All Sex Pass network, including Ex Ghetto GF and Destroyed GF.

Your membership includes

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