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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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We all know that reality sites aren't actual reality (sorry for ruining any ideas you had, and by the way Santa Claus isn't real either). However, as is the case with Steal Your Bitch, that doesn't mean they can't be fun.

At StealYourBitch, they know that we know the premise isn't real, but they go for it anyway. Like the typical guys-with-camera-search-streets-to-pick-up-chicks premise, we have seen over and over again, except with a little twist. The idea behind Steal Your Bitch is camerawoman Phoebe and a guy are out to find couples and steal the guy's gal. Not forever, just long enough for her to get fucked and creamed on her face.

There are actually two things I really enjoyed about the site, besides the fucking. These were the setups and Phoebe herself. Unlike so many sites where each scene is basically a carbon copy of all the others, at Steal Your Bitch each flick is original and creative in an over-the-top way. One scene has Phoebe and pornstar Dick picking up this couple outside a video store. The chick happens to be a huge fan of Dick's work, while the guy is a conservative pushover, who seems uncomfortable with the whole thing.

In another scene, some short guy with a Napoleon complex tries to fight back, but Dick punches him in the stomach and they head off with the babe. Yup, there was actually a tiny little fight scene. You got to give them props for that, no matter how unbelievable it was. I also mentioned Phoebe before and for good reason. Not only is she funny and vulgar and all that, but to have a chick filming and talking instead of guys is a real cool change of pace that I liked a lot.

This is where I get to the disappointing parts of the site. There are only eight movies and eight galleries. The vids can be downloaded in four to six minute clips in average-quality Windows Media format or in one big full-length file.  The quality could be better, of course, but they look quite good and are completely enjoyable, so the only real problem is the lack of content. This is a bigger problem, since they aren't even updating anymore.

For the price they are asking, I can't recommend it with only eight episodes  - nomatter how fun they are. However, for only about $5 more, you can get yourself a VIP membership that gets you access to six other sites along with Steal Your Bitch. The 90-day sign-up option will also get you the bonuses.

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