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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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There's this humorous notion out there that girls don't poop, which we all know isn't true. Not only do we do that, but we also fart. Shocking, I know! And the women on Females Farting are particularly fond of doing it on camera. I mean farting, not the other thing. This isn't a fetish that's explored all that often, so you have to give these gals props.

I want to give the site props as well, but there are a few things it could improve upon. Let me first tell you that navigation is a breeze and all 21 videos are spread out across a few pages. There are good-sized preview images for each and a short description. I appreciate the variety, with chicks passing gas on chairs, kneeling on beds, sitting on toilets or while sitting on a dude's face.

Some of the flicks I saved were good in quality, but most offer average-quality footage. And don't expect to get any photos. Although, I must admit that the full effect of a sexy farting female isn't accurately captured in photographs. The vids run for approximately six minutes and usually have a good amount of gut-busting fun.

Stacy is a southern belle who loves to cut the cheese and she does it while dressed as a schoolgirl and even buys new tight leggings to wear just to she can fart in them. She also rubs her fine bottom down with oil to rip off a few and my favorite scene includes her sitting on a stool covered in powder. Not only can you hear the force of her arse blast, but you can see the powder flying off the chair!

The site looks to have only been around for about a month and they've added all their episodes in that time, but they apparently will be updating weekly from now on. Just a note, if you also like burping, be sure to check out Ashley. Not only does she cut ones while on the toilet, but she's chugging diet soda and giving you crazy belches, too.

I think something fart fetishists will really like is that the camera gets pretty close to the girl's rear, so you can see her asshole pushing out the gas. Lots of girls spread their cheeks to really show it off. You'll find a decent mix of different kinds of gas, like airier ones and ones that squeak. There's some rolling gas as well, reminiscent of a semi-automatic weapon!

I would like to see them improve on quality and I certainly hope they stick to a weekly update schedule. The asking price is very reasonable and the recurring price is even lower. Since this fetish is so rarely explored on a paysite, I want to recommend it. Those of you who like watching women let 'em rip should find Females Farting a breath of fresh air.

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