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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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When I first signed into Pure Anime, I was confronted with some hentai, which wasn't a surprise to me and shouldn't be to you. There were anime couples screwing, big, bright-eyed girls getting fingered and even hot doggy-style fucking where the honey's massive boobs were bouncing all over the screen of my smartphone.

The problem arose when I clicked on "full episode" and was redirected to a feed site called Total Hentai. What does this mean? Well, technically it means that all 68 hentai movies here can only be counted as bonus material. The remaining scenes (which when clicked don't redirect you) are all 3D animations that were created by members of a sex-simulation game.

This isn't usually how I begin a review, but I felt that I had to set everyone straight from the get-go. Yes, you can still access those 60+ hentai movies at no extra cost, so don't worry, but the focus of this review (as well as the score) will be on that small collection of 12 3D videos.

The site is easy to navigate and you can clearly tell which episodes will redirect you since they show anime in their preview screenshot and also don't come with a pics link. Once you get redirected, though, you'll have to choose a movie from a drop-down list or just scroll until something pops out at you. Basically, you'll have to go looking for the original hentai movie you clicked on.

Since all the main action is computer-generated, you can expect pretty good-looking footage. The scenarios include ebony sex, big-boobed tranny schoolgirls, threesomes, group fucking and lesbian sex. There's also a hot prison fantasy and hot stripper and client hooking up. These come with images, but they're just video captures, obviously.

The motion is fluid as you'll see from the bouncing cocks disappearing into tight pussies and those rather massive jiggling juggs. The videos are remarkably lifelike, to be honest. It sometimes looks like the characters are talking, but there isn't any dialogue. I saw subtitles for the tranny schoolgirl scene, but they were on the small side and the speech bubbles would shift around. There is music playing during the scenes, too, and it creates a good vibe.

I applaud the creativity of the users who have generated this content. The scenes are detailed and erotic. I watched a pig-tailed, busty sweetie get railed in the kitchen by a dude while a gal pal helped out. There's a teasing part that involves her toying with a lollipop and it's these little things that really stand out. Soon she's perched on top of him as he lays on the counter and she slides her pussy along his shaft while the other honey sucks his knob. HOT.

They last added movies back in February 2013, so I wouldn't count on any more updates. That said, if you dive into the niches link, you'll find many other sites to browse, although these stick to live-action porn and include MILFs, big tits and butts, DPs, Asians and interracial. Some are Her First Anal Sex and MILF Seeker.

There aren't a ton of hentai and 3D mobile sites on the market, so if you're hankering for this kind of content and you want to keep it on your portable, you might give it a try despite its less-than-stellar score. I do wish they'd resume updating and maybe even add some anime vids to the main collection, so it's not always redirecting you.

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