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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Remember that scene in that movie where that actress takes her bra off and you see boobs for two seconds? How about the one with the hot sex scene and the glimpse of the actress's cooch? How about the one... you get the idea. Well, at Celeb Nudity all those little glimpses and sexy moments are in one place just for you.

To give you a few specific examples, one video I checked out was a clip from the movie "Machete" in which Lindsay Lohan and another chick are naked on a couch. I then headed into Lindsay’s archive and saw an upskirt paparazzi picture of her bare pussy as she was getting out of a car. Then I watched a clip I had never seen before, but there was a cute, naked Irish chick in it. Next I checked out hot Amanda Bynes Twitter pics.

So, there is lots to see, but unless you know the name of the actress you want to see, you won’t be able to find that specific scene or image you are looking for. You see, the alphabetical celeb database is the only "search" option. Otherwise, navigating the site is going to involve clicking on each page and seeing all the text links on that page (separated by the date it was added).

Oh wait! There is a search box, but it didn’t seem to work very well unless what I typed in was part of a celeb's name, which seems to defeat the purpose of having a search box when I can already go alphabetically through the names elsewhere. While this is a pretty unappealing design and it doesn't make for the best navigation, at least the links are marked as videos or photos, so I know what each thing is.

If you didn’t gather it already, counting the content is not an easy process. With over 320 pages and multiple updates per page, getting an exact number wasn't going to happen. However, using my powers of guesstimation I came up with a total of about 11,500 videos and 11,750 photo sets. The quality of the content will of course vary, but many of the movie clips I watched were HD.

The celebrity porn site niche is pretty saturated these days and Celeb Nudity is definitely not the best of them, but the price is a little below average, they update almost daily and you do get the celebrity nudity promised.

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