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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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There are frog ties, box ties, leg shackles, chest harnesses and Hiatt ankle cuffs on Simply Restraints and they're all being used on cute women. Some of the material has a scenario to it, like a cute blonde binds herself according to a letter her Master left her or another babe has been kidnapped and is chained to a wall in a barn.

There are also instructional videos and just have babes writhing around in their restraints on beds and the floor. There is some nudity and other women wear lingerie. Navigation is simple with a clear video section. You'll have to access the photos from the "updates" page, but they're clearly marked as to what they are. There's a model index, but it just holds one pic each of the models and doesn't give any info or link her content.

In total, there are 140 movies and 277 photo sets and the site appears to grow weekly. About half of the movies are HD available in Windows Media format, but those are actually the later half of the collection. Newer movies are coming in good-quality MP4s. There's also a smaller MP4 if you prefer. Sadly, pics and a streaming format are lacking.

Since so many kinds of restraints are used, a search of some form or categories or keyword tags would really help narrow down something specific. I would have like to have singled out a particular type of woman or a kind of restraint, like a Pakistan darby cuff. Those have a delightful clicking sound as they close and they're very sturdy. Rope enthusiasts will enjoy the ladder ties, shibari armbinders and pole ties.

Katy Cee is a particularly perky and enthusiastic babe and I loved her watching her show off her ball gag, cage and shackles in a mock online dating video. She was supposedly a slave looking for a Master and she showed you exactly how she liked to chain herself and sit in her cage. She also has many other creative videos and her slender frame looks stunning in any kind of restraint.

There isn't much to see besides the main collection. There's a forum and some third-party links of sites you can join. The quality is pretty decent on Simply Restraints and I like the unique mix of material. The content is all exclusive too. I think this site offers cute chicks and lots of creative bondage, so fans of the bondage won't be disappointed.


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