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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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The star of Brianna Ray Nude is exactly the type of MILF who really gets me excited. As she explains, she's bisexual, but she does love a good, strong man. So you know that her collection will bring you a healthy dose of not only solo action, but also lesbian encounters and hardcore sex with her hubby and other men.

The collection isn't dated, but I can tell you that there have only been eight new movies in the last three months. All the same, BriannaRayNude already is a decent size and is larger than some of the other individual MILF sites that you can also access with your membership. Moreover, it has some of the others beat when it comes to how good the flicks and pics look. I just wish the navigation involved less scrolling.

There are 114 videos and although they're not all created equal, you'll be happy to know that many are good in quality and some are even in HD. The majority of them can be downloaded in Windows Media files and the more recent ones are delivered in MP4s. The lion's share come in full-length downloads, but a limited number come in a couple clips.

You will see a link at the top labeled "pictures," but if you click it you end up back on Brianna's homepage, which is where the photo sets are. It's not so clear though because it's just called "updates" and some videos are mixed in there too. In the end, you get about 240 sets of high-res pics, but unfortunately you can only download some of them in Zip files. My favorite spreads show captions under each photo that help to tell a story.

I like the diversity this MILF manages to work into the standard masturbation, girl-on-girl scenes, handjobs, blowjobs and fucking. For example, there's a wet and messy scene where she gets herself positively filthy thanks to some chocolate syrup. There are also a few pregnancy shoots with lactation. She also dresses up as a sexy French maid and another time in a schoolgirl uniform.

A membership also includes 18 other babes' sites all told, including Faith 69, Elli Nude, Kylie Deville and Serena Wet. These bonuses definitely add value to your membership. However, even without them, Brianna Ray Nude seems well worth your MILF-loving time and money.


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  • Comment by: JerryS

    Score: 82% Date: 07/02/2013

    If you ask me, BriannaRay is the classic beauty and in a way is slightly different from the other girls on Dreamnet's Network as she is not quite as amateur as the others because she seems to be spread out in putting her content out there.

    I guess what I'm saying is that she is not that interactive which is part of the great value of Dreamnet, but her beauty and content are much higher quality yet not so amateurish as the other sites. I'm not complaining about that though.

    I had never individually joined her site more than once, but I think for feedback I just felt like I was looking at another pretty face each week and thus decided I wanted to look at a different one and then lapsed. Looking at her is a ittle like looking at a hardcore Barbie Doll. She does do the nasty quite well, but I never get these sense from watching her that there is any kind of connection with her fans.