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Updated on: 01/05/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • There's more content, but despite a recent update consisting of five videos, overall the number has only grown by seven.

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Kristine Cumz is an amateur MILF who clearly enjoys her job. With the help of her lover/photographer, she runs a site that follows her around on her sexual exploits. You can find her having sex with lots of black men, going to gloryholes, stripping and posing, masturbating with all kinds of sex toys and fooling around with her female friends.

Her videos walk that sweet line between being really hot and really personable. You'll sometimes see her crew and fans on the sidelines, which makes it tough to view the content in the same light as you would big-name productions, but that's part of the appeal. The way she interacts with them and the camera will make you feel like you're part of a gang that's hanging out with their best friend with benefits.

Unfortunately, many of the videos are rather short. The quality is also a little all over the place, but most movies are available as HD Windows Media files and the newer scenes all appear to be great-quality MP4s. There are 48 movies so far. Only the most recent additions are dated, but we know that five videos were added in a batch just over a week ago. However, overall, only seven have gone up since we last visited the site about six months ago, so updating isn't consistent.

The photo section is much bigger, but it isn't clear when new content is added there, either. All I can confirm is that there have been at least three new sets within the last month. There are 328 galleries at the moment and the shots are always high-res, crystal clear and well lit. You can't always save them in Zip folders, which is a shame.

There's an "about me" section that's great for getting an idea as to what she's like both in front and behind the camera, but fans will really want to check out her blog, which she posts to pretty regularly. You can also email her directly if you want. Members can also check out the rest of the Dreamnet network, which is home to many other amateur MILFs, including the likes of Faith 69.

There's not much in the way of sorting/search filters, but the site is easy enough to navigate - there's a bit of scrolling, but it's not excessive. In the end, Kristine Cumz will definitely make you cum and I think her collection is big enough now to warrant a recommendation.


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  • Comment by: JerryS

    Score: 80% Date: 07/02/2013

    Let me preface this as that I get Kristine's site as part of the whole Dreamnet network. She is not my type as I am not into pierced BBWs. I would say that if you are, add another 10 points to my score.

    Kristine is as personable and interactive as you can get. I applaud her effort which if other women put half the effort into it, they'd be just as good. She has lots of videos and photos and like the reviewer says, the videos are a little short. Other than that, she is good for a BBW if you are into that kind of thing.