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Adam Strong

By: Adam Strong
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I like amateur porn, I love big tits and I'm a total sucker for redheads (especially when they're kinky). Needless to say, this made watching Dawn from Dawn Maries Dream get naked and gobble up a stiff cock all the more enjoyable. What didn't make the process as enjoyable was the site's organization.

Since I'm a glass-full kind of guy, I'll talk about the negatives in a bit. For now, let me point out that the sexcapades on DawnMariesDream are really hot! You can tell by her smiles and the intensity in which she cums that she's really into her performances. This hottie claims to have been online for 15 years now!

Her scenes show her posing, stripping, masturbating, having interracial sex and getting it on with other amateur cuties. She's a little bit chubby, so her big boobs and beautiful booty look extra juicy when she plays with them. You'll see her having sex in bedrooms, on the kitchen table and flashing us on the beach. There's some content for all you pantyhose and foot fetishists out there as well.

The six most recent updates are dated on the homepage, but no other content is dated elsewhere. Most of the updates are for new photo sets, but there has been one video in the last 30 days. As to the total number of vids, I've tried to only count complete movies (not parts and not merely the mobile versions), so you'll find about 181 videos. The playback can vary, but she's been remastering her older material, so overall most are great in quality and some come in Full HD.

The design looks dated, making it easier to believe that it's been around for as long as she says it has. Most of the movie section, for example, is nothing but lines of text and text links. Navigation isn't much better, as the photo section is on the homepage and all the sets and subsets are dumped on the same page, making you do lots of scrolling. Some search options are much needed as a result, but are nonexistent.

Unlike the movies, the 485 photo galleries are in complete sets, but keep in mind that you'll come across some vids in the photo section that don't actually have any accompanying photos. You can usually expect around 40 high-res pics per set, but others are much smaller and I saw some that were more than twice that size. It's too bad you can only save some of them in Zip files.

Various onsite extras are advertised, but many of them actually cost extra and others redirect to preview galleries for third-party sites. However, since this site is part of the Dreamnet network, you can check out about 20 bonus sites, including Faith 69. You can also contact Dawn directly and, if you're in Phoenix, sign up to meet her in person.

The poor navigation and design will make your stay on Dawn Maries Dream less enjoyable than it could be. However, it is a stay you'll want to make because Dawn Marie and her performances are really hot and the majority of her content is high in quality.


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  • Comment by: JerryS

    Score: 84% Date: 07/02/2013

    I've been a Dawn Marie member a few times. Her site has been around forever and her husband does a great job keeping together. Dawn is the perfect example of a personality selling a website. I'm a redhead addict and love her locks. She also does good interracial.

    When I want to see a woman get down and dirty I watch my videos of Dawn. She is from the Midwest with a tiny accent which is sexy. Amazingly Dawnmarie doesn't dress sexy very much. In fact I once went to a gathering with her. All the girls did not look as hot in person, but they tried to be sexy. DM was in her jeans. Nothing wrong with that, but she didn't seem to be trying and looked a little matronly compared to the other women.

    That said, I still love her and everything she does. SHe has put on a few pounds, but if you get to know her, can't get enough of redheads and interracial and aren't superficial, you like her site