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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When I was coming out I remember a few local gay bars being raided by the cops for being common body houses. I don't know if people were more daring then or simply indiscreet (the general public did turn a blind eye to homophobic police targeting gays). I remember seeing a blowjob unfolding on a speaker box on a crowded dance floor, which is tame compared to Backroom Fuckers Mobile.

Since then I have often felt a bit out of the loop, because I think raunchy sex in public places is still going on and I'm simply not adventurous enough to put myself in a position to stumble upon it. I probably wouldn't even be brave enough to risk getting caught watching the blowjobs and anal sex, including bareback, dungeon and group action, that happen on BackroomFuckersMobile while I was out and about.

Okay, I might check out the washroom sex that happens in some of the 43 videos while tucked away in our building's restroom where, as far as I know, no one is doing it and I know for a fact that there isn't a glory hole. Seeing a dude on the toilet with his legs in the air getting sucked off by one guy and fingered by another in preparation for fucking is just part of this site's charm, though.

I like the scenes that were shot in and around a bar. Hotties get naughty on the pool table inside - and outdoors on the deck where I much prefer horny studs sucking and fucking instead of smoking. Even though the vids look average and there are only a few vid caps, I can still get my rocks off seeing hunks in leather harnesses and chaps along with others set in dungeons.

You get access to Backroom Fuckers, which is good if you want to check out better-quality versions of some of the scenes (we're talking high-def flicks in some cases) as well as some photos. You can also visit Daddy Raunch and its mobile version.

Backroom Fuckers Mobile is a bit average, but it still seems worth joining. The footage is decent enough to enjoy on the go and you're getting the added value of being able to check it out from home. Just keep in mind that it has been close to one year and four months without an update.

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