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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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There are people who would pay good money to get their girlfriends to cut them some slack, but there are also people who would willingly pay women to give them a hard time. If you fall into this second group, Pay To Obey might be for you.

As a PayToObey member, you're basically paying a fee to have your confidence destroyed. If that sounds good to you, chances are that you'll really appreciate the 164 videos. Most of them have at least one babe addressing you, the viewer, directly and making you feel like dirt. In some rare instances, you get to watch others get dominated.

The scenes are grounded in reality for the most part, but there are some fun flicks that bring in fantastical elements. In one, a couple of schoolgirls confront their teacher and demand that he give them A's on their papers, even though he hasn't read them yet.

They help convince him to do as he's told by sprinkling some magic shrinking dust on him. The stuff works like it's supposed to and the teacher soon finds himself looking up at the two girls. It sucks that he got shrunk, but you can't feel too bad for him, because he ends up being able to look up girls' skirts.

While the women might not go easy on you, their videos are at least easy on the eyes, because they're available in HD. You can download the movies as MP4s and also stream them in an embedded player. When it comes to the streams, you have to let them load completely before you can jump ahead. Thankfully, it never takes too long for them to load.

The website has pictures too, though not that many. Actually, there are only five photos and they're all confined to a single image gallery. The pics are high-res and they show a girl by the name of Jessi posing in a bra and a tartan skirt. You can download the set in a Zip file.

A nice thing about this site is that it never gives you much time to rebuild your confidence. What I mean by that is that it updates pretty often. It seems to add a new scene a few days in a row and then takes a very short break before getting back to posting new vids. There have been 21 new movies added over the last 30 days alone.

All in all, Pay To Obey is a pretty good site. If you feel you need to be brought down a notch and would like hot girls to help you with that, you should think about getting yourself a membership.

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