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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Not only do new parents love to take photos and videos of their freshly sprung offspring, but many folks like to show off their prenatal ultrasounds. The mom and dad behind Preggo Milky have a different approach to sharing the experience of impending parenthood, though. It's considerably more explicit than some black and white image of a hard to make out embryo with nonspecific genitalia.

Yes, daddy's uncut cock is clearly defined as he tries to make sure that mommy has twins (okay, I know that's not really how it works, because if it did this woman would be having octuplets at minimum). At any rate, you'll see Anna and her man having sex on PreggoMilky a lot. That's in addition to solo scenes (with or without masturbation) and lesbian encounters (sometimes as part of a threesome).

You're seeing a couple of fetishes playing out as the sitename entails, because sometimes the focus is on Anna's sexy pregnant body and seeing expectant lady lumps getting humped. Other times it's all about fulfilling your lactation fetish. She isn't afraid to get kinky, so for example, when she has four friends to tea she supplies the milk. She also lets at least one of the guys sample some right from the source.

It's not clear what the update schedule is here and clearly unless they're one of those reality show families who seem to have more kin than common sense, there's probably a limit to how much content has been or will be produced. At any rate, trying to count only complete flicks rather than clips, I came up with a total of 53 high-def videos to enjoy along with 44 sets of high-res pics.

I find them quite an attractive pair while looking like your next-door neighbors rather than married pornstars. Anna would be hot even she was not knocked up and her hubby is slim with a hairy chest and a decent-sized dick. I love watching his wife giving him a blowjob and him using it to fuck his horny preggo missus in all kinds of ways, including some scenes with anal sex.

All in all, you're getting exclusive amateur action done right. I love that you're getting to see a real-life couple sharing their kinkiness and enjoying some wild swinging sessions without having to compromise on quality. If pregnancy and lactation sex turn you on then I heartily recommend Preggo Milky.

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